Selfie Time – Centralia, IL Photographer

Hello all… here is the deal: Centralia, IL Newborn-Child-Family Photographer Ashlee Wethington from Ashlee Wethington Photography has a face!

Say whaaaaat?

I have accepted a challenge of sorts. Part of this challenge is to make people see ME and not my LOGO…

So I have decided a selfie (no matter how silly I look) was needed to accomplish this! So here ya go…

centralia-il-newborn-photographer-ashleewethington (10)#ashleewethingtonphotography

Here I am taking a break at my desk. Thinking of all of you on this Monday afternoon! Have you been over to my Facebook page to check out what is going on there?

Go ahead and click here… I will wait!

Are ya back? Thank you for doing that! I love hearing from you guys so don’t be afraid to leave me a message or post on my wall. Your comments keep me going 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week 🙂



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