Blogging… Centralia, IL Photographer

AshLee Wethington Photography, Newborn-Child-Maternity-Family Photography

As Many of you probably know (or can tell…) I am new to blogging. Sometimes I feel like it is difficult to find a place to start… so today I am starting HERE!

It is a decently warm summer day, and I am in my backyard, while I watch my children play with a new sprinkler! These are the types of things I like to let them do when I am busy working and they need to let some energy out. What do you like to watch your children do?


Centralia-IL-Photographer-1These are by no means professional photos of my children at play… the camera on the iPhone is no match for my Canon! It isn’t always about getting “the shot” though.

I am learning to let go of perfection and live. Anyone else feel like having a “lived in home” means you aren’t a good mother? Well it doesn’t! I means you are enjoying life, keeping your family active, and letting your kids be kids! On the other hand, maybe I am the only on that feels this way! :p

I hope you are all ENJOYING your summer!!


AshLee Wethington Photography

Centralia, IL Photographer



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