Painting Party – Centralia, IL Child and Newborn Photographer

MadaLynn is about to turn 4 so I wanted to do something super fun for her and Beckett!

PAINTING PARTY IN OUR PRETTY CLOTHES… ahh! No it really wasn’t as scary as it sounds…

I wish I would have taken progression photos… but I am sure you can figure out how I did this!

First I had to put the painting easel together, which I was way to excited to get to the painting part so this took way longer than it should have! Haha….

Then I used duct tape to make the numbers…


Then the fun part…. PAINTING!! Let them do their thing 🙂

Laaaaaastly…. I let the paint dry for about 3 hours and then pealed it away! They love having them hang in their rooms 😉

(Ignore the white balance… the bedrooms apparently aren’t studio ready!)

If you try this idea out, I hope this inspires you… share your (and your subjects) work with me!


AshLee Wethington Photography

Centralia, IL Child-Newborn-Family Photographer





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